Who is Mission Innovate?

Mission Innovate is a HUBZone-certified small business headquartered in Huntsville, AL. Formed through a joint-venture between All Points and Mission Multiplier LLC, we bring access to our state-of-the-art cyber lab, where we develop leading-edge cybersecurity products and solutions to help Federal and commercial clients secure their mission.

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What is MI:COP?

MI:COP is an automated continuous monitoring solution that assesses and analyzes enterprise IT systems, networks, or programs to capture near real-time information to effectively manage risk while simultaneously reducing cost. Inspired by the Common Operationg Pictures (COPs) used by the US Military, MI:COP helps orgainztions manage their information security by aggregating disparate data feed to produce enterprise-wide security risk profiles in near real-time.

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Why Use MI:COP?

Because experience and agility are the most important pieces of your cybersecurity tool-belt. MI:COP is based upon the culmination of Mission Innovate's considerable experience developing and implementing tailored COP solutions for Federal and commercial clients. By combining an intuitive interface with powerful analytics, MI:COP can provide you with near real-time insights into your cyber risk profile and help you achieve enterprise-wide cybersecurity awareness.

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What challenges does MI:COP address?

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MI:COP is based on the culmination of Mission Innovate’s considerable experience developing and implementing tailored COP solutions to solve several key challenges. Because organizations are not only composed of different business units, who’s missions are often different, and they are often utilize disparate technologies, different IT architectures, and process different data types (e.g., data sensitivity levels), the ability to manage to standard risk profile is exceptionally difficult. Given this sophisticated operating environment, the MI:COP solution solves these challenges by combining an intuitive interface with powerful analytics to achieve a cyber common operating picture and situational awareness of key cyber indicators.

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