About Mission Innovate

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Mission Innovate is a HUBZone-certified small business headquartered in Huntsville, AL. Formed through a joint-venture between All Points and Mission Multiplier LLC, we bring access to our state-of-the-art cyber lab, where we develop leading-edge cybersecurity products and solutions to help Federal and commercial clients secure their mission.

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Leading Edge Cybersecurity Solutions

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Our MI:COP (Common Operating Platform) is changing the game of cybersecurity. Our innovative cyber analytics solution marks a shift from the traditional 'snapshot in time' assessment process, to assessing and monitoring networks, systems, threats and controls in "near real-time". This fresh approach to information security is focused on maintaining situational awareness of enterprise-wide information security controls and threats based on key effectiveness measures, and presenting and scoring those measures on dynamic dashboard in a way that drives stakeholders to change their behavior to focus more on managing risk based on impact to the mission.

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Our MI:CODEX solution provides an automated platform for organizations to assess their cyber security risk and compliance posture by examining the people, process and technology dimensions of their cyber program. This easy-to-use solution enables organizations to quickly capture a comprehensive baseline of their information security capabilities and security controls. By using the MI:CODEX, organizations can quickly identify where their cyber capability gaps exist, document their desired target state and then use the MI:CODEX's tailored recommendations to make more efficient and effective risk management decisions.

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Our MI:SOC (Security Operations Center) solution provides a virtual platform for organizations to implement traditional SOC functions with significant cost reduction and a greater effectiveness. With deployment of our custom and virtual solution, we automatically monitor the threats to your organization (24x7x365), and provide you with real-time alerts and notifications, and recommend remediation actions. Our solution enables organizations that can not afford to stand up a manned SOC, to achieve affordable and effective SOC functionality.

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